Initial Plan

Matt Gleich -> 1/26/2022

Elevator Pitch

Help students learn about the relationship between resistance, current, voltage, and capacitance. This is done by creating physical circuits that allow students to change the inputs (e.g. voltage or amount of resistance) and see the change in the outputs (current, voltage drops, equivalent resistance, etc).

Main Parts

PDM (Probe Display Module)

The PDM is a simple system for allowing the user to select a predetermined point in the circuit and have the current and resistance be displayed at that point on the LCD display. This is a generic system that can plug into any circuit and can be expanded to work with more points. This means that I only need to make the board once. The module consists of 3 core parts:

UC (User Circuits)

A basic circuit that has sockets for placing resistors and capacitors in the circuit to see how they affect the current and voltage drops. This system contains at least one set of power supply ports and two sockets for attaching through hole components (e.g. resistors, capacitors, and LEDs).

Example Circuit

Basic Board

Main Problems

There are a number of things I need to figure out before I have the PCBs made: